Teachings of the Sanctum: an online course of
Esoteric Study 

Our course is a 4 part guided series of esoteric, spiritual and philosophical study; blending the best from the modern Western Mystery Tradition with Jewish & Hermetic Kabbalah, Kundalini and Raja Yoga, and Eastern mysticism.


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No, but you will become an alumni of the FSR and receive certificates to show you have completed each module and section. Teachings of the Sanctum is available to everyone, however those who complete all 28 modules will be invited to an interview to discuss their future with the Order.

No course of study is guaranteed to lead you to enlightenment, but esoteric study can make it more likely that you will experience a spiritual transition if you study hard and put in the practise.  

Yes, very occult (in the truest sense of the word)! During this course you will discover the practical secrets at the heart of the ancient Abrahamic Temple cult, and you will be tutored to open up to your spiritual centre and true self. There are also modules that concern Magick and Divination, especially Tarot cards. However if you think the occult is something to do with worshipping Satan and cutting the heads off chickens then prepare yourself for a disappointment.

No, although there are elements of these discussed in the course, you are not asked to become a member of any religion nor to believe in or to worship any type of deity or spiritual being. Nor do we encourage a dogmatic approach to spirituality.

The course is designed to be taken sequentially. Sections and modules build on progress made in previous sections and modules. However the course is internally well linked so it is possible to take a more individual learning route.  


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